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The concept of change management is not a foreign concept and has been utilized by many of the world’s largest organizations for years.
Prosci a leading organization in change management studied how individuals experienced and are influenced in times of change and developed the ADKAR®

Organisational Health

What Are You Crazy About?

By Patrick Lencioni
August 2017
When it comes to concepts like core values and strategic differentiation, I think we sometimes make things more complicated and theoretical than they need to be. I was reminded of that this morning during a visit to the chiropractor.
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“One Day Event with a Life Changing Impact”

On Saturday, 17th June 2017, members of 10 NGOs were invited to the Afrissance Scopedia, a PMI Lagos initiative championed by the PMIEF Liaison Officer Mrs Titi Park held in Canton Concourse, Landbridge Avenue, Oniru, Victoria Island. Scopedia is an interactive workshop aimed at better

Change Management

The Costs and Risks of Poorly Managed Change

By Tim Creasey
When the people side of change is ignored or poorly managed, the project and the organization take on additional costs and risks. From this perspective, effective change management is a cost avoidance technique and risk mitigation tactic. Read on to find

Thoughts From The Field

Thoughts From The Field – Five Things You Did This Week That Undermined Teamwork

By Russ Sabia
April 2017

In my work consulting to leadership teams around organisational health, I find most teams are comprised of well-intentioned people trying to do the right thing for their team. Despite those good intentions, however, teamwork is often undermined when

Thoughts From The Field

Thoughts From The Field – Getting Back on Track

By Rick Packer
February 2017
You read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and perhaps held an offsite on the disciplines from The Advantage. You had several great conversations, made initial progress, then hit a ceiling and have since stalled. Unfortunately, this happens.

How toxic is your Organization?

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