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Why Change Management Is
The New Gold

The concept of change management is not a foreign concept and has been utilized by many of the world’s largest organizations for years.

Prosci a leading organization in change management studied how individuals experienced and are influenced in times of change and developed the ADKAR® Model for individual change. Today, it is one of the most widely used change models in the world.

What is Change Management?

September 2015, an executive Accountant of a top business outfit in Nigeria had just returned from his month-long vacation. Mr. Patrick arrived at his desk feeling energized and eager to resume his duties. Then he received a memo that almost derailed his entire day. The memo, about 23-pages long detailed the functions and benefits of a newly acquired accounting software.

This software has been proven to cut down on time and effort by nearly 50%,” the memo said.

But Mr. Patrick wasn’t seeing any benefit the software promised yet. And this promise did nothing to clear the throbbing pain of frustration that was building up inside him.

What was wrong with the software he’s been using?

If the old one works just fine why bother switching to this new one that looks complicated?

I won’t even bother reading this long boring memo, this old software suits me just fine” he concluded.

Mitigate Mission-Critical Risk

Mr. Patrick’s case is not unique to organizations who come up with new initiatives. In fact, it is to be expected because psychologically, humans resist change.

How did you feel when you were required to make a change in your organization?

This is why incorporating change management in an organization’s initiative is more important than ever.

Change management is the structured approach that guides, prepare, equip and support individuals and teams in adopting change to drive the successful outcome of an initiative or project.

Change management in an organization provides a detailed communication process involving all participants towards a common positive objective.

It also ensures a detailed training/coaching program where necessary for an initiative’s usage and execution.

Yes, humans resist change, but we are also quite resilient and adaptive even in unfamiliar situations. And change management helps us understand how people experience change and what they’ll need to adapt to it. It helps an organization’s project leader measure accurately, a successful change transition.

Benefits of Change Management

  • In an ever-changing world, you thrive: you embrace change and deliver results with higher competency and capacity.
  • Change management helps to bridge the gaps created by change. It does this by supporting and equipping individuals
    and organisations to enable them to achieve a successful objective.
  • A Prosci correlation data from over 2000 data points in an eight-year period show that initiatives with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management.
  • Ignoring the people side of change creates problems which lead to excessive risk and cost. Change management helps
    to lower such mission-critical risks.
  • Change management provides a comprehensive measurable structure and support to individuals to help them achieve their objectives.

Eager to learn how change management can impact your organisation’s objectives? Download the free Prosci ADKAR Model Guide here to get started or register here for a no-obligation consultation with our Change
Management Consultants

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