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Our approach is based on “The Advantage”
In Pat’s best-seller, The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business, he makes an overwhelming case that organizational health will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage. Drawing on his extensive consulting experience and reaffirming many of the themes cultivated in his other best-selling books, Pat reveals the four actionable steps to achieving long-term, sustainable success.

The Concept

The Advantage provides readers with a groundbreaking, approachable model for achieving organizational health. Organizational health is about making a company function effectively by building a cohesive leadership team, establishing real clarity among those leaders, communicating that clarity to everyone within the organization and putting in place just enough structure to reinforce that clarity going forward.

Free Tools and Resources

The Organizational Health Model

Start building a healthy organization by using our free tools and resources listed below. The resources include general book information and a series of downloads referenced in the back section of the book.


Discipline 3: Overcommunicate Clarity

Communication Tools



Centrality of Meetings

No action, activity or process is more central to creating a healthy organization than the meeting. Meetings provide the forum for values to be established, discussed and lived, and a place where decisions around strategy and tactics are made and reviewed.

Our Programmes



A healthy company is one where the leadership team is aligned and working cohesively towards a common goal. Such teams have minimal politics and confusion starting from the leadership team throughout the whole organisation. Organisational health is positioned as the competitive advantage that will set winners apart. This journey is kicked off with the executive team off site and delivered through a delivery road map agreed upfront with the client.

The Two-day Leadership Off-site is a highly interactive, fast paced session designed specifically for leaders and their direct reports. Leadership teams will have the opportunity to assess their organisation’s overall health, build team cohesiveness and identify specific actions that will maximize their advantage.

This is the ideal starting point for all organisational health efforts.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Team will gain a thorough understanding of the expectations and challenges in building and maintaining a cohesive team
  • Assess and make immediate progress in overcoming their team’s potential dysfunctions
  • Review and validate the organisation’s direction and ensure alignment exists among the team by addressing the six critical questions required for organisational clarity
  • Discuss the implications of communication and how to leverage internal communication efforts to ensure alignment throughout the organisation
  • Address the effectiveness of team meetings
  • Identify the roadmap necessary to ensure a successful transition to a healthy organisation.


Based on the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, we deliver workshops for managers and team leads who want to become better leaders. These workshops are delivered around the five dysfunctions model designed to teach managers the skills, disciplines and requirements for leading high performing teams.


This workshop is focused on helping managers create a fulfilled and engaged workforce. Managers will gain a better understanding of the requirements of job fulfillment, assess their own management style, and learn how to foster commitment, productivity and morale.

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