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Digital Transformation

Do business in a digital way for the digital age We provide support in the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business through a total re-examination of the organisation’s business model from how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers to how it is implemented. This addresses internal, external and holistic implementation challenges.


Digital Strategy

According to Deloitte, 2015;

Digital strategy drives digital maturity: Only 15% of respondents from companies at the early stages of what we call digital maturity — an organisation where digital has transformed processes, talent engagement and business models — say that their organisations have a clear and coherent digital strategy. Among the digitally maturing, more than 80% do.

The power of a digital transformation strategy lies in its scope and objectives: Less digitally mature organisations tend to focus on individual technologies and have strategies that are decidedly operational in focus. Digital strategies in the most mature organisations are developed with an eye on transforming the business.

To preserve your company’s existence, you must start thinking like a technology company or you risk going out of business.

In this digital age, organisations must change how they think and operate. As time goes by, their interaction with customers, partners, suppliers and business operations must change. This is because expectations have changed, consequently creating a gap between what consumers expect from their interaction with organisations and what organisations are able to deliver. With fresh ideas and perspectives, we work with our clients to work on closing this expectation gap. We take an interdisciplinary approach, combining strategy with human-centered design thinking and technology to help our clients think through the impact of digital on people, organisations and culture.

Enterprise Architecture

Due to the complexity and challenge of digitisation, most organisations spend a long time, at least a year in the process. As it requires organisations to adopt a new operating model, new and unfamiliar technologies are introduced, this is understandable.

But organisations cannot afford to spend a year or more incorporating digital technology into their core.

They must figure out a solution that will be comprehensive enough to span the whole business ecosystem but basic enough for people in the organisation to use in order to spend lesser time adapt to the new process. This solution is the company’s Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) discipline.

With a proper enterprise architecture plan in place, we help our clients increase their odds of beating the 70% change failure rate and successfully achieving their digital change goals to achieve;

  • Aligned information technology plans and investments with business priorities and requirements,
  • Results in more integrated operations responsive to customer and business requirements,
  • Promote a more efficient and effective IT infrastructure,
  • Facilitate cross-organisational sharing of enterprise information,
  • Recognise innovations and best practices across the enterprise,
  • Ensure traceability of decisions back to principles and rules.


Testing Services

Quality Assurance & Testing plays a critical role in any digital transformation journey. Identifying the right tools, methodologies and measures to assure customer experience is increasingly important to success.

One of the most important factor in maintaining a good customer experience is delivering products with high quality. We help our clients conduct a complete and comprehensive examination of a solution’s compliance with their specified requirements. We also help examine the completeness of specified requirements and that all possible use cases are identified for testing.


We support our clients in their digital transformation implementation and operating success by identifying the right personnel to minimise challenges in the employee infrastructure. By doing this, we help address team-building challenges from both internal and external sources.


Oracle ERP Consulting

In the haste to capitalise on the benefits of cloud, one of the most overlooked considerations is cloud readiness

As cloud readiness is essential to ensure a successful migration, we help pave the way by performing a needs assessment to determine a client’s readiness and suitability for cloud services through three components, technology, process and people.

Design Authority

We take up the Design Authority role for our clients’ digital transformation projects. By being positioned outside of a project team, we help ensure that the products are exploited to the optimum effect by providing architectural support focusing on maintaining the integrity of the applications.


Solution Architecture

We ensure the technical integrity and the consistency of each solution at each lifecycle of a project. Our unbeatable expertise also enables us to be able to coordinate ongoing operations, engaging with all areas of the project from inception to implementation and finally ending with the transfer to IT operations.

Project Optimisation

Our goal is to terminate inefficiency and waste from large projects. Using our tools and techniques, we ensure that your business processes are streamlined in order to maximise efficiency. Our principles coupled with our depth of experience guarantees your organisation the most cost-effective and highest achievable performance under given constraints, empowering your teams to minimise costs and add value to your bottom line.

Integration Services

We help to integrate existing, often disparate, systems and as well as add value to the system, capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems.



We help to teach and develop client staff and stakeholders to equip others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving capability, capacity, productivity and performance. Our training will help clients understand, implement, and improve their digital transformation project outcomes and derived benefits.


We support our clients to conduct the essential task of testing the different parts of their systems. Comprehensive testing needs to be carried out vertically, horizontally and holistically to be certain that delivered systems meet the project brief and that systems are fit for purpose.

Master Data Definition and Gathering

We advise our clients on the essential aspects of creation and maintenance of accurate and complete master data, data that are shared and used by several of the applications that make up their systems. With the current emphasis on regulatory compliance, service-oriented architecture and mergers and acquisitions mastering this aspect of digital transformation is a business imperative

Implementation Support

We are involved in the implementation process by acting as implementation specialists. By interacting with clients, we help identify and address core business requirements. We exercise our judgment on methods and techniques for obtaining solutions within generally defined practices and policies and take responsibility for communicating integration requirements to the project team and stakeholders.

Change Management

Digital Transformation initiatives change an organisation’s processes and operations, an aspect that commonly causes friction, before, during and after the process has started especially in areas such organisational culture, finance, politics and technology.

According to a Forrester Consulting online survey conducted for Accenture Interactive, respondents from 10 leading economies admitted that when it comes to digital readiness, company culture and organisation tend to lag behind causing delay and sometimes, total failure of the project. To ensure a successful digital transformation process, we help to make cultural change and educational aspects of transformation an important part of your implementation plan.

Project Management

Digital transformation does not only changes our lives and businesses, it is reshaping and speeding up project delivery models. In today’s digital era, planning and execution of innovative projects can no longer be done at the pace, with the same methodologies and tools as it was done 20 years ago. Project managers can continuously adapt their approaches and remain creative and innovative to provide the best time-to-market results, flexibility and speed in projects.

Project Recovery

We help clients get troubled projects back on track. A project is troubled and in need of recovery if during project execution it is felt that; estimated budget, schedule, or scope will not be met, overall quality will not be acceptable or project customers will not be satisfied.

Our project team develop a project recovery roadmap that defines the short-term and long-term changes that need to be made in order to increase system usage, improve business processes and maximise benefits realisation.


We help clients meet all challenges in the employee infrastructure, knowing that inadequate staffing can unfavourably impact project effort, business and operating success. We set out to fully understand our clients’ day-to-day hiring challenges, and provide team-building solutions that are proven to work.


Oracle ERP Assessment and Auditing

Expert Witness Testimony

We follow industry best practice to examine the facts and data relating to a project in order to offer an opinion, or otherwise, as to the conduct and outcomes of project activities.


Independent Verification and Validation

We leverage our extensive experience to provide the assurance that your digital transformation efforts not only comply with requirements but also fulfil business objectives.

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