Prosci and ADKAR Methodology

ADKAR is a research-based, individual change model that represents the five milestones an individual must achieve in order to change successfully. ADKAR creates a powerful internal language for change and gives leaders a framework for helping people embrace and adopt changes.

A Awareness of the need for change
D Desire to support the change
K Knowledge of how to change
A Ability to demonstrate new skills and behaviors
R Reinforcement to make the change stick


Learn More About ADKAR
Dive deep into the ADKAR model and how to apply it to any type of change.

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Applying ADKAR
Learn how to use ADKAR to drive successful change and create a common language in your organization.

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Organizational Change Management with ADKAR
Change happens one person at a time, but change management happens at an organizational level. Learn about Prosci’s organizational change management methodology.
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